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    No, after 1.1.1a is installed, you just have to delete the chain and the wallet will resync from scratch then. This takes some time depending on your computer.
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    That was this bug: https://forum.xaya.io/topic/25-xaya-downloads/?do=findComment&comment=8787 You need to download the most recent version (1.1.1a) and delete your current chain (the blk*.dat files, but I think there is a button to do it in the electron wallet). Then after restart it will resync and work as usual.
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    This network speed has not been for a long time, just network statistics do not work in the pool. According to my calculations, 5000-5500 CHI But in general, you are right!
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    It's fair, yes. There were thousands of participants and 300k allocated to the whole stage, so you can't expect to get millions of CHI. All Elite members were getting the same rewards. Payouts for GE campaign in the past: Stage 1 (300k CHI): Tier payout Elite: 800 CHI per participant Diamond: 188 CHI per participant Gold: 85 CHI per participant Silver: 25.6 CHI per participant Bronze: 2 CHI per participant Stage 2 (300k CHI): Tier payout Elite: 994.30 CHI per participant Diamond: 394.30 CHI per participant Gold: 144.30 CHI per participant Silver 57.34 CHI per participant Bronze: 11.75 CHI per participant Stage 3 (200k CHI): Tier payout Elite: 971.90 CHI per participant Diamond: 571.90 CHI per participant Gold: 214.76 CHI per participant Silver: 20.59 CHI per participant Bronze: 7.05 CHI per participant Stage 4 (100k CHI): Tier payout Elite: ? Diamond: ? Gold: ? Silver: ? Bronze: ?
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