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    XAYA is launched now on https://bsod.pw It's still in testing mode but working nice for now Use this miner https://github.com/xaya/ccminer/releases/tag/v0.1 -a neoscrypt-xaya -o stratum+tcp://eu.bsod.pw:2534 -u wallet -p x
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    Size of the huntercore chain which i sync at 1/08 is around 24G
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    1. I think it is 15-20 GiB 2. Do you mean syncing? It is relatively slow due to the game-state computations, but that heavily depends on your hardware (disk vs SSD and how powerful your CPU is). 3. The core daemon can be built just like Bitcoin Core and Xaya. I've never built / used the Unity one myself, so don't know about that. 4. Just take latest HEAD from that repository.
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