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    As you might know, Xaya team is not actively pursuing being listed on exchanges as per the T&C. There have been some efforts from community members to get listed on other exchanges (without KYC preferably), but so far without success to my knowledge. I think it would be no problem to list CHI even on some bigger exchanges, but you know what it costs to get listed there. From the ICO results you can see that Xaya can't throw around with money. Not being an ERC20 token has some disadvantages sometimes too 😉 I think it would be good to have some place to do some OTC kind of trades. Don't know, if this forum is the right place for that though and if @snailbrain would approve. A more chattish-environment with the possibility to do group chats would be more suited imo. I could do some escrowing as well if needed.
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