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    Hello, I´m proud to announce that I finished big parts of my work on xaya-gaming.net. For now, I can only maintain the network stats from @DarkClaw But he managed to get the trade data from liquid.com so I can display them on xaya-gaming.net. (this is a "work in progress" and more data are added over time) Regards casp0or
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    In case anyone wonders why there may be a few differences between the xaya-gaming and liquid.com plots, one reason is that the api only returns the time to the nearest second. So, for example, the choice of very first trade is arbitrary: date taker_side price quantity 2018-10-31 08:07:25 buy 1.500e-05 200.00000000 2018-10-31 08:07:25 buy 1.900e-05 37.71347404 The api returns the 1.5e-5 trade first, so I just plotted it like that, but for some reason their chart takes the 1.9e-5 trade as first. They really should be returning millisecond timestamps. That is the standard practice. Also, I think it makes more sense to plot the price in mBTC (eventually the extra trailing zeros will be removed). Another thing is that if there were no trades in a given interval, eg december 8, the liquid chart just acts as if that day never existed. On our chart it (correctly) shows up as an empty space. There is also some issue with their dates often being 1 day ahead (eg it shows a bar for 12/21/2018 when it is currently ~12/20/2018 18:00 GMT) , perhaps somewhere they are mixing in a JST (japan) timezone when ours is all GMT.
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    As noted by casp0or here we just added some trade data to http://xaya-gaming.net/ (click the Trade Info tab). NB: There is still some issue with the candlestick chart where it is setting values over 1000 sats to zero, it is being worked on... Anyway, I added up all the asks and it only accounted for ~1 million of the ~47 million chi in existence (~2%). The bid side is also very thin at only 0.5 btc total. I think chi really needs to get on some other exchanges (liquid has a buggy display and very invasive kyc). I personally would place more than that in bids, but really dont feel like dealing with signing up at liquid.
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    We hope everyone is having fun with Treat Fighter and developing some winning strategies. What we want to see are YOUR screenshots! Show us how you're doing in Treat Fighter and post a screenshot. I'll start... It doesn't matter if you've just started. Just post!
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    Good VR Party in a Decentralised Reality
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