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    It makes sense to have both an ASIC merged mining (SHA256 as now) and a CPU/GPU (as much ASIC resistant as possible) algo. The second will be very welcome by those gamers who use GPUs and could use those from time to time to earn a few Xaya. ? It seems a win/win strategy for mining as originally designed by Xaya. Also its a good time to replace Neoscrypt by a new one. This second algo could be rotated every few months if needed to discourage ASICs.
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    Many know already my opinion on this, but let me just state it here once more for those who do not: I believe that all this "ASIC resistance" stuff is both impossible to achieve and also not really relevant. ASICs will always be built as long as it is economically feasible, and there's nothing that can be done against it except for changing the algorithm over and over again. And especially for Xaya, there is no real harm in having ASICs on the network - since the majority of hash rate is in merged mining anyway, it would not even hurt security (much) if a single guy with an ASIC controlled all the stand-alone mining. However, I agree that it may be useful for community purposes (even if there is no technical reason) to allow people with GPUs (including gamers) to mine Xaya. Implementing an algo change is not too hard, as long as we decide on what it should be and there's an existing simple C/C++ implementation that we can just plug into Xaya - so I'm happy to do this. Please keep in mind that there are many altcoin projects whose only "innovation" is a change in mining / ASIC-resistance - think of Litecoin (which was the number-two cryptocurrency for a long time) or Bitcoin Gold (the second-largest Bitcoin fork, behind only a project that didn't even add something and just removed features). It is clear that those projects keep talking about how important the details of the mining algorithm are and how fancy their algorithms are. In contrast, we at Xaya have real blockchain innovations to concentrate on, so that the mining algorithm is only a minor detail in my opinion.
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    After the neoscrypt ASIC news, Xaya should change the POW algo to a more ASIC resistant one. Probably x16s, x17, Cryptonightv7(monero) or ProgPOW? Any other algos out there? Here is a summary from ProgPOW: https://github.com/ifdefelse/ProgPOW
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