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    Treat Fighter is a collectible game where you gather resources (Candy), Cook up Recipes to create little Treat Fighters and compete with other players. Set in the post-apocalyptic fantasy world of Canedoom, players take on the personas of mighty wizard Overlords who can collect Candies and Recipes by sending their Treats off on Expeditions, or to the Treat Fighter Tournaments to compete in battle against other Overlords' Treats. Generally speaking, Expeditions return more Candies and Tournaments return more Recipes. There are lots of rare Candies and Recipes in the Canedoom, and we will be releasing new batches (and removing old ones) every few months. Make sure collect them all! And of course Overlords can also Buy and Sell Treats on the Exchange. For the sake of clarity, we should explain that there is no interactive combat in Treat Fighter. Treats each have their own set of battle Moves and each Move has one of five Move types. Combat is decided via a rock paper scissors mechanic, based on Move Types. On the tech side, Treat Fighter’s unique design allows it to run 100% on the blockchain, entirely without servers, no matter how many players are playing the game. No servers means no downtime and uninterrupted gaming for players all over the world. Everything in Treat Fighter is built on and verified by the blockchain. Players have 100% ownership of their game accounts and assets with everything being tracked and verified via always-on, fraud-proof blockchain technologies.
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    If people run into problems with this setup combination [title] you can use nsgminer with these commands in a .bat file cgminer --neoscrypt --no-nvml --no-submit-stale --gpu-platform 1 -o -u USER -p PASSWORD -I 8 if you use nsgminer you have to change that frm cgminer ofcourse. -I will be different depending on your card, 8 is the default setting. gpu-platform 1 is ONLY for systems with a Intel Igfx. If you also have nvidea cards in the setup, remove the "-no-nvml" command. This command skips nvidea detection. If the miner closes by itself you can add another line at the end with just the word pause , that way you can read the error.
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    Great job, this is huge.
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