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    What video game genre is your favourite? If you don't see your favourite there, check Wikipedia here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_game_genres Check the sub-genres. You can choose multiple genres.
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    Every crowd is different, but we'd like to know how the XAYA community spends on games. Vote for how much you spend, and tell us what you like to spend it on!
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    Tell us what your favourite platform for games is!
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    Age of Empires, Risk, Europa Universalis, etc. The one that would make most sense for xaya would be something like RIsk I think. But I have to say I still don't really get how this will all work...
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    Hello Everyone. Firstly - from ALL the team - Thank you for all those that have contributed in the many different ways that you have for the project up until now. It's been a very exhausting journey... sleepless nights, very long hours and filled with stress But we are finally here and we cannot wait to dedicate all of our time onto the project as opposed to running a "coin sale". We have done almost everything in house, we have also gotten this far without any VCs which is an accomplishment in itself compared to all other projects. We will, of course, be looking at expanding our company - Autonomous Worlds Ltd in the near future. - These are the final numbers: Coins Sold etc Coin Distribution We are now distributing coins. Private Sale Coins have been sent (bar 1 or 2 people) Pre-sale Coins are being distributed this week for those that have provided addresses. Huntercoin Snapshot this week or week beginning 29th, for those that had coins on Poloniex, you will need to wait for them to allow withdrawal.. We are in touch with them and it looks like they will honour the original promise to allow Poloniex users to redeem their CHI. Airdrop, Bounties, Growth Engine and the rest will be next week (29th) or the week after. Listing on Liquid - we have been told this week. - We want to get the coins sent out ASAP, more than those that are owed coins, so please note that we are doing this as fast as we can. The process is delicate and not trivial. - Thank you again
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    So up to $ 250 are already inside.
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    I am PCLord, obviously, all others are just lowly peasants.
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    From Launch you are able to mine CHI. XAYA is a PoW secured blockchain. As pioneered by huntercoin, XAYA can be mined with 2 Algos of which have independent difficulty levels. SHA-256d - Merge Mineable with Bitcoin and other SHA-256d crypto currencies. Neoscrypt - GPU Mineable Both target 1 minute blocks ( avg every 30 seconds) and 100kB max block size Each have their own independent difficulty and mined independently. - To Solo mine neoscrypt you can use ccminer if using an nvidia GPU https://github.com/tpruvot/ccminer If you are using the beta XAYA Electron wallet in it’s default settings, then you can solo mine using this from CLI Ccminer -a neoscrypt -o -O user:pass This will mine to your game wallet. The user:pass is in a .cookie file in the format user:pass which resides in the datadir On windows this is by default c:\users\<user>\appdata\roaming\xaya\.cookie On Linux ~/.xaya/.cookie If you are not using default settings, or using the QT/daemon, you probably know what you are doing. If not create a new thread. It should be a similar process for AMD cards, just use a different miner (sgminer?) For SHA256-D merged mining, you will need to follow merged mining guides to configure with your pool It may be “do-able” to solo mine initially using a python wrapper we have created that sits in between the daemon and the miner. by constructing merge-mined blocks. This is in contrib/auxpow For any help, make a thread on this board. you can read more about XAYA and the Mining specs in the user account https://github.com/xaya Mining Pools will popup over time and if you are a pool wanting to setup for Chimaera, you can get in touch with one of the team if you need assistance.
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    Post an address in this thread to receive a small amount of CHI so that you can reserve/register/immortalise yourself in the XAYA Blockchain.
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    First off, I hope you never ever ever need to do this. Make sure to record and back up your password for your vault wallet. Store it safely. However, if you've lost your wallet password, here's a video to help you replace your vault wallet so that you can create a new password THAT YOU WILL RECORD SAFELY AND REMEMBER... RIGHT? RIGHT? You can also view this video on YouTube here: https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=2SDUEtqx1QE
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    There is no rpc request to return each current address balance. You have to write custom code to figure it out by scanning the blockchain for all used addresses and adding up the inputs and outputs to each. I think im the only one to do that so far for xaya but cant update until next week unfortunately.
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    Thanks for quick action. Much appreciated.
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    It so happened that money is not spent on games.
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    Unfortunately, I just tried a 32bit build today and it does not work. We will try to eventually get one working, but for now we don't have the resources to figure out what the issue is. Sorry about that!
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    private sell coin been deliever, would happy to see the new ranking
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    CHI will be listed on Liquid Exchange. Implementation will start next week.
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    Hi Darkclaw and All: Here are the results we have for the sale. The tech team will be travelling to Minsk in a few hours and back Friday so we will do a more official announcement then. Coins from the Sale CHI BTC ETH Private 15647897 154.7* Presale 6466476 68 298 Private Presale (after) 6421428 49.8 500 Main Sale 1850433 32.179 Other Costs (paid In CHI) 671858 Reserved Coins for Additional Bounties, Errors, and More 250000 TOTAL 31308092 304.679 798 This would mean % Total Supply Total Sold 31308092 40.50% Total Available for First bounties 1914086 3.50% Total Avaialble for 2nd Bounties 791552 Advisors, Misc fees, marketing, legal 1.5% 1159559 1.50% Company Reserved 10% (locked) 7730393 10% Huntercoin 4.5% 3478677 4.50% PoW 40% 30921573 40% Total Coin Supply 77303932 100.00% Posting here while we triple confirm the numbers, for transparency and also I would like to explain the 250,000 Reserved coins: The total available for bounties after the presale is 791k coins (we were hoping it would be more). The growth engine had been allocated 1 million CHI, but we will reduce this to 900k (3x 300k campaigns). This means it goes over what is allocated for the bounty by 109k. There are also some other bounty costs such as translations of wallet.. and more.. (small giveaways for letting people reserve names, testing treat fighter etc). It's also possible we have missed some very small amounts owed - for example, articles. In all this should be negligible, but as we / will be burning unsold coins, there is no going back... We'll make sure these are spent transparently and put them in a "bounty pot". any thoughts, concerns or anything, please post here and we'll try to respond over the next few days. - *The private sale amount of bitcoin was reduced slightly due to KYC issue.
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    Zhash https://github.com/btcz/bitcoinz/issues/38 - anyone else have any thoughts?
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    A very clever project brings us excitement to always follow. We believe that this project will work and succeed, because this project has an excellent team that always offers creative ideas and ideas so that this project gets more and more investors
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    Anno 1602, The Settlers, Fallout, Metro, etc... @DarkClaw I think every game is suitable that requires some sort of turns or single actions to be made ? Or think of game items
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