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    These stats change all the time, but here's a quick snapshot. The long list is the number of units each player has - name then #. Current block height = 1162229 Number of units in game = 1281 Number of players = 197 Average # of units per player = 6.5 Number of prospected regions = 82890 ************ Players and number of units ************* HunterX 40 Skywalkerx 40 Opeyum 38 Luxx 36 vova 30 uromero 29 liquidx 28 silver0anth 27 dannyvjp 26 humongousbeef 26 HollaDolla 24 daveidcx 23 Sublimex 23 Baconrion 22 dunker 22 Milfrider! 22 RStudios 21 stefff 20 vikki 20 Garik 20 DisgustingHuman 20 JTobcat 19 Cryptonauten 18 Lordpotato 18 barthazian2 13 Zigzag 13 JRW 13 mapl3sn0w 13 ReXCoWeR 13 CryptoNick01 13 Bobbyx 13 Zula 12 majormeowmeow 11 Spunkpuppet 11 shark0883 10 NARESWARA 10 bas99a 9 MarxEngelsLeninStalin 8 Inkarias 8 roninx 8 Blizar 8 jimmdsfsd 7 kenw25 7 COMMUNIST REUBO PARTY 6 Pandora91 6 Ivanbi 5 WILLIAMFENGXU 5 tyler 5 MJimenez 5 freddo 4 ERDK 4 AutobotVu 4 testtest1 3 testtest1x 3 testtest9 3 serg 3 Aiyapokkai3 3 StarLord 3 barthazianx 3 anomo 3 Jeeg97 3 ivanb 3 Kaster 3 Xamborg 3 Vasja 3 existencex 3 Irishka 3 dis7ant 3 PitchBlack 3 Shillybilly 3 3xabyt3 3 Captain--Aarr 3 NesR 3 Sarahmaude 3 JT8788 3 Neocloudx 3 laxjustin21 3 TheBrindle 3 Metasploitx 3 hitori 3 coinking8772 3 ES 3 CyrusVonLafaye 3 CyrusVonLafayex 3 Bizzle21 3 Trewinnard 3 Peranha2 3 GameTokenx 3 FENGXUJIAWEIx 3 phattbass 3 Grahnite 3 Burton 3 IdeaClipperx 3 Picotech 3 NickTo 3 IoreckMvB 3 Gunthar 3 Cr0wn_Gh0ul 3 SoloMid 3 kronjob 3 lcon 3 AlessioABT 3 GhostRiderx 3 WoodYGP 3 Nhinestreams 3 TimoBD81 3 RickySimon 3 SuperCool 3 Flo 3 ankarlie 3 CryptAizx 3 OASIS 3 Syke5150 3 minehunter007 3 obeeus 3 untoad 3 SirLanceMeNot 3 azmodie01 3 Dzony94 3 WhiteViper 3 taurion_explorer 3 aleksandrsim 3 keltiks 3 YodaMiner 3 robguir 3 VanderVaart21 3 Fruitblood 3 D3mosex 3 LARRYSAMS 3 Milfrider 3 CRBU1 3 Nin 3 KirInvincible 3 Matt9301x 3 Yaro 3 kokeko 3 cheetsman 3 dominick 3 maskarajr 3 bmt0011 3 Luigy 3 milkman 3 NotJustCoins 3 CGameX 3 DuallDude 3 LeFevre 3 CryptoDilis 3 sfhp 3 Krype89 3 Oeloec 3 TheOttakringer 3 omv2 3 MaxiRelativity 3 jonathandlm 3 fasolo97 3 suicidecircus 3 staycalm4now 3 Kethereum 3 alif 3 Barnicl3sx 3 Dualldude 3 ya.faust 3 Sundancer 3 LLlTaKeT 3 Gandalf_Skywalker 3 ataxia 3 francisagui 3 Wolfx 3 bas99b 3 VeryanPrime 3 NYGrandma 3 Natth 3 Tomax 3 ccsang 3 Delfroddx 3 ReXCoWeR2 3 Xeset 3 rodrigofraga 3 marcstef 3 Paradise 3 vinabel 3 CaptainCaveDann 3 Ankgore 3 Jewwickx 3 Gladiator79 3 N33DAMON3Y 3 UIGoku 3 Ander50n 3 Zooku 3 TaurionLife65980 3 khang365 3 KermitdeHobbit 2 Kadavr 2 ComradeMarx 1 6969 1 FENGXUJIAWEI 1 007 1 ************ Players and number of prospected regions ************* Opeyum 7187 HunterX 7157 Baconrion 6895 vova 5679 daveidcx 3303 Skywalkerx 2986 Cryptonauten 2924 Garik 2764 Luxx 2664 HollaDolla 2614 liquidx 2309 dannyvjp 2308 vikki 1964 barthazian2 1923 JTobcat 1649 Zigzag 1530 Lordpotato 1411 Sublimex 1193 Spunkpuppet 1160 stefff 1153 silver0anth 954 roninx 881 ReXCoWeR 877 NARESWARA 861 humongousbeef 816 Neocloudx 773 Zula 747 DisgustingHuman 643 majormeowmeow 640 MJimenez 569 CyrusVonLafaye 516 Barnicl3sx 511 Inkarias 507 Nhinestreams 503 dunker 503 mapl3sn0w 480 Pandora91 458 Trewinnard 451 StarLord 449 kenw25 423 YodaMiner 412 Xamborg 410 shark0883 378 Bobbyx 357 NesR 357 GhostRiderx 353 ERDK 352 hitori 349 bmt0011 348 milkman 340 Grahnite 329 Captain--Aarr 313 SoloMid 309 Sarahmaude 297 RickySimon 256 Ivanbi 248 serg 235 azmodie01 207 LeFevre 190 obeeus 187 bas99a 182 CryptoNick01 169 untoad 153 Burton 151 NotJustCoins 146 TheOttakringer 137 Kethereum 129 Yaro 124 Kaster 119 RStudios 95 kronjob 93 Dzony94 91 IoreckMvB 88 tyler 86 MaxiRelativity 84 taurion_explorer 70 Matt9301x 69 3xabyt3 66 cheetsman 65 ES 65 dis7ant 60 Xeset 59 Jewwickx 56 Jeeg97 56 JRW 56 freddo 54 NickTo 51 Aiyapokkai3 50 AutobotVu 50 Shillybilly 42 jonathandlm 41 phattbass 39 Vasja 30 GameTokenx 30 SirLanceMeNot 26 Gunthar 26 Cr0wn_Gh0ul 25 AlessioABT 24 Flo 23 WILLIAMFENGXU 22 COMMUNIST REUBO PARTY 21 OASIS 21 uromero 18 LLlTaKeT 16 TheBrindle 16 NYGrandma 16 Dualldude 16 Paradise 10 KermitdeHobbit 9 sfhp 7 CryptAizx 4 Sundancer 4 ComradeMarx 1 SuperCool 1 ya.faust 1 Kadavr 1
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    The solution: unable to connect to the client Taurion caused by cookies are not synchronized.( figure 1) Please ensure that the update to the latest client XAYA - Electron (1.2.3) at present. Please ensure that the update to the latest game client Taurion (currently Please make sure that the client XAYA - Electron connection core is normal. ( figure 2) 1. Open the Taurion data storage directory (C: \ users \... \ AppData \ Roaming \ Xaya) use notepad to open the file (. Cookies The file), copy the string after the colon.(( figure 3) 2. Open the Taurion connection Settings, paste steps a string to a password (cover).( figure 4) 3. Should be able TO connect the client normally at this time, waiting for the data updating, prompt (GSP IS READY TO PLAY)(( figure 5) figure 1 figure2 figure 3 figure 4 figure 5
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    I had the same issue. I followed these steps but to no avail. Only when I additionally changed the username in the Taurion settings, from __Cookies__ to __cookie__ I was able to connect.
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    Sorry! I was doing quite a mess reading from the queue, losing a large part of information! Now it's all working clean and neat!
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    As with Bitcoin and most other blockchains, miners can freely choose what to include and not to include in their blocks. So in theory, someone could send transactions without any CHI attached and get the mined, e.g. by paying the miners out-of-band (maybe with BTC or fiat), or by including some game-coin transaction to them instead of CHI. But I think there are strong reasons why that is not going to happen any time soon (nor will it happen with Ethereum): A game would need to be really popular for that to happen, because the miners themselves need to run the GSP for it and also be interested enough in it to actually accept payment in the game coin directly. While not impossible, that's certainly extra effort for them (much more than simply running Xaya Core on their system). Paying in game coins is likely a lot less efficient than paying transaction fees in CHI, since the latter is "better integrated" with the core blockchain and transaction structure. So accepting fees in game coins will likely increase transaction size and thus reduce the number of fee-paying transactions that miners could get into their block. Not just miners matter, but also relaying nodes. So unless either a large fraction of the network runs a modified client that accepts game coins for fees or users submit their transactions directly to miners, transactions won't even make it to miners if they do not pay CHI. For the first case, we would again need a hugely popular game as well as most people messing around with their Xaya Core installation, which seems even more unlikely than a miner doing it. For the second case, people also would need to spend a non-trivial amount of effort to figure out who the miners are that accept their game coins and how to submit moves to them directly. Even if some miners accept fees in game coins and you would eventually get your move confirmed, most likely it will take longer than if you paid CHI (unless 100% of miners accept the game coin, which seems impossible in practice). So you are at a disadvantage. With all those disadvantages, I simply do not see why people and miners would bother. If they have / earn game coins and want to cover fees with them, they can instead just sell them for CHI anyway and then use CHI. All those technical aspects aside, it seems that your main concern here is about the potential for CHI to increase in value due to demand. To be honest, I think that for that topic, usage of game coins for transaction fees is a very theoretical thought for now. 99.999% of CHI demand and potential price increase is likely just speculation - and if games are doing well, then that is a good first step independently of how those games actually use CHI.
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    you use a cryptocurrency called soccer manager coins, this cryptocurrency can be traded against Chi, Chi can be traded against Bitcoin and Bitcoin can be traded against REAL MONEY.. so in the end, you need real money for this game- most players are shareholders for a club or agents for the soccer players... there are only 640 soccermanagers in the whole game- 1 for every team... but thousands of players will be shareholders of the club's or player's shares... and as I see, the price for buying CHI coins is still very cheap- so you can buy them cheap now or expensive later when everyone wants to get coins for the game (but this is just my opinion)...
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    Hi, i'm pretty new to Xaya developement but to help myself with it I decided to setup a little docker with all the needed features. Here you can find the dockerfile and the few scripts I used in it: https://github.com/cym0n/xaya The docker will give you a xaya-core installation and all the needed libraries to compile your games using C++. Most of the work is just copy&paste from tutorials but if you find looking through compilation scripts annoying it could be of some help Once started, the ubuntu has also a xayad daemon running (regtest environment, but easily configurable). I'm sharing this to be of some help, but also for your feedback, the project is still ongoing
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    Thank you @tyKiwanuka. I tried that. It ended up being that I needed to run the program as an administrator. Thank you for helping me with the diagnosis.
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    Follow the steps below if you have trouble running Taurion. Antivirus and Firewalls Your antivirus or firewall software could block Taurion from connecting to the network. Check your antivirus and firewall software for port blocking or for if it has restricted Taurion or Xaya. If so, create exceptions as appropriate. Set a User and Password for Xaya You may need to set a user and password for Xaya. Copy “%appdata%\Xaya” and paste it into the Windows Explorer address bar. Press ENTER In that folder, create a text file called “xaya.conf”. Note it doesn’t have a TXT file extension, but rather a CONF file extension Open the file in a text editor and add in the following lines: rpcuser=user rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= Replace “user” and “password” with your own value. They can be anything Run the Xaya Electron wallet. Go to Settings > Advanced Enter the user and password you created in steps #3 and #4 Restart the Electron wallet Run Taurion and click on SETTINGS > Connections Add in the user and password from above Run as Administrator You may need to run Taurion as an administrator if after a while in the main menu screen of Taurion the middle light/dot is not green (in the main menu screen at the top). To do so, right-click on the icon to run Taurion then choose “Run as administrator” from the context menu. Other Troubleshooting Steps If you just upgraded but can’t sync... Delete the chain in the Electron wallet. To do so, click the Settings tab then the DELETE CHAIN button Install the Electron wallet again During the install when prompted to download the chain, choose YES If you have: Weird txs with minus confirmations OR Are stuck on 0 confirmations OR It says insufficient balance in game (even though you should have some in your game wallet) Currently the easiest way to fix this is to either leave it to automatically rebroadcast the tx, which can be a random amount of time. Or you can run the Xaya QT wallet with the options -wallet=game.dat then delete all the 0 confirmation transactions in the Transactions screen. Next, close down the QT wallet and run it with -wallet=game.dat -rescan. If you are on a laptop and it crashes as soon as it finishes loading, and you have a gaming GPU… Right-click and run with “nvidia geforce …” or something similar, so it does not try to run the game with the integrated GPU. Also, in the Taurion Settings, on the Video tab, change some settings to lower specs, e.g. to LOW. Email not registered when claiming free pack, but it is? First, make certain that you registered on the website or simply register again here (make certain to confirm your email address in the confirmation email that will be sent to you): https://taurion.io/competition-signup/ Next, run Taurion then in the splash screen enter your email and desired username in the right-side claim box (see screenshot below). Click CLAIM then wait a minute or so for your name to appear in the SELECT drop down menu. Check it every 30 seconds or so to see if it has arrived. Select your name to begin playing. Still have email problems... If you've registered at the website, and still can't claim your free starter pack, contact us directly for support in Discord or Telegram. (See links below.) Contact us in Discord or Telegram for other assistance.
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    The frontend is, but the GSP can be run on Linux and has been like that forever (actually that's how I do development myself).
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    Yes, can also be a new configuration file xaya. Conf.In the game, or a wallet setting new user name and password Content: Rpcuser = youuser Rpcpassword = youpassword (Or wallet client and game all discharging remove reloading.)
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    Yes, I will add separate chat font size slider later on. "when the log in the game, whether should display account type" only '/p' names are used in game, so account selection just filters all names by '/p', you are not allowed to select other ones and they are not in the list
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    Race version of repair Taurion_0.0.1.3 The question remains Case: when you enter the game, through the keyboard TAB bring up a large map, click on the left upper corner of the map and in the top right corner of the smallest area, this will lead to the game down. I have two computers, the same problem. Don't know other players have such problem? Four Angle has a problem, I do not know if my computer configuration is low. Two is the same problem, downtime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YN8TcrU0hg&feature=youtu.be
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    If you are careless with your online banking details, the bank will not refund nothing Same goes for crypto - if you are careless, you will lose your coins/token. If you take care, it is safe. Don't think that you have to pay fortunes of money to play SME and gamble with that kind of money. If you are a manager, you just need a few pennies to cover transaction costs. 100 CHI would cost around $3 for now. With 100 CHI you can play a VERY long time. And, as I said, you get a wage as a manager. If you are a good manager, you will easily make money by playing SME. The communication from SM team can be improved, yes, I agree.
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    I know very little about cryptocurrencies, which is why I am asking questions to understand it and havn't seen anything that makes me want to gamble money on it. What you have chosen to describe as negative is actually realism, the sm game is poor and all I see is a new version to take a lot of money from users, the game I currently play doesn't cost anything and there aren't any other games to play that are the same. I think the fact that no one from sm has bothered to reply to my forum question shows that their attitude hasn't changed. I can't lose money from someone hacking into my bank account because the bank would have to refund the money as it would be their fault not mine, I have not seen anyone taking responsibility for cryptocurrency in the same way.
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    The new Xaya Electron v1.2.3 release includes some fantastic improvements that make gameplay better. This is also a REQUIRED upgrade in order to play the Taurion competition. You can download the new release here: https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/releases
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    Why so negative ? You aren't obliged to play the game, just move on, if you don't like it. So why bother about a poorly run game ? There are enough other games you can play. You can also lose money, if someone hacks into your online banking......so you better not use any money at all. You are not gambling on any currency in the end. You don't need to be an agent or shareholder. You can be a manager, where you have to spend only very few money paying for transaction fees. On the other hand, as a manager, you will get a wage, which you can convert back to real money, if you like. Just wait for the game to be released and see, maybe you will like it in the end You seem to know next to nothing about cryptocurrencies, so save your judgement for later.
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    I think polo will never pay users what they owe! They are on the verge of death! In this regard, there is no need to wait and hope and certainly not write to support. We need to think about blocking those CHI that were transferred for use to the polo in order to avoid a dump in the future!
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    You need to have real money, with which you buy Bitcoin first. Those Bitcoins you exchange for CHI at a cryptocurrency exchange afterwards. That is all, because afaik the shares for clubs are paid/traded with CHI. If not, you would have to exchange your CHI for Soccer Manager Coins inside the game.
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    In addition to Liquid.com, BitMesh.com is now trading CHI in the following pairs: CHI/BTC CHI/USDT The official BitMesh announcement is here: https://help.bitmesh.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019567373 BitMesh has no fiat trading, and as such has far less regulatory overhead for KYC/AML. People that previously couldn't register with Liquid can now trade CHI easier with BitMesh.
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    Two exchanges = Coinmarketcap listing I have made the submission to them.
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    Nice! There's a similar saying in Hindi: Kal kare so aj kar, aaj kare so ab (Do tomorrow's work today and do today's work right now)
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