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  2. Já me comfirmei, mais não chegou e-mail falando nada, e nem o beta pra mim testa .. quando vai lançar o beta pra gente??
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  4. All vehicles are ground vehicles.
  5. Hello Paul! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. And yes, you've made a good point. The short answer is that realtime gaming will be fully available inside of XAYA Game Channels. We've not released that yet, but it is coming. At the moment games are limited to ~30 second blocks. Some information on mining and block speeds is available here: https://github.com/xaya/xaya/blob/master/doc/xaya/mining.md#high-level-overview-for-triple-purpose-mining- Once we've implemented the game channels technology, realtime gaming will be possible. However, I should mention that there is a small caveat there. Due to the XAYA network being P2P, there is a bit more latency than in a strictly server-based game. This will have limiting effects for games where tiny millisecond differences are important, such as in some First Person Shooter games. Now, that could be dealt with in different ways to limit the negative effects of a P2P network by grouping players into groups with lower ping times between them or perhaps some other method. (There is all the issue of what "realtime" means in some computing jargon, such as for a realtime OS. However, that sort of computing really isn't very relevant for our purposes, and is rather niche. None of Windows, Linux, or Mac are realtime OSes.) The realtime gaming experience is coming. We hope to have Game Channels out as soon as we can manage. Hopefully I've answered your question. If not, let me know and I'll try to clarify. Cheers, Ryan
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  7. Someone from the team can give you a more detailed and sophisticated answer later on, but the realtime happens via game channels, which are yet to be implemented. Those 30 seconds is the block time for the Xaya main chain and games running only on this main chain are not realtime. https://www.ledgerjournal.org/ojs/index.php/ledger/article/view/15
  8. Hi, I hope someone here can clarify something that I've been unable to determine with any certainty from the various sources of documentation around Xaya, the community, the wiki, the white papers, none of them seem to provide a definitive answer to my question, or if they do the information is pretty well buried and I've been unable to surface it. In the white paper (English) there is a chart on page 20, Table 1, where the speed is identified as "Realtime" for Xaya. Yet in the wiki tutorial, First Steps, it states... I infer from that information that moving is a turn based event, where there is a delay of 30 seconds or so before the move of one player in the game space is transferred into the blockchain, and thence onto the other players. Is this correct? If so, this is not what I would refer to as realtime, so is in conflict with the other statement in the white paper. Very keen to understand if Xaya is suitable for a real realtime MMO experience, or if the nature of the blockchain based implementation, while innovative and I'm sure incredibly powerful in other aspects, precludes the possibility of a truly realtime experience. Sincerely Paul Gregory
  9. Do you plan to enter flying equipment? Or will only ground? I ask this in order to understand whether the mountain and the spurs can be a cover for the base.
  10. hi, you should only have gotten a confirmation email when you subscribed, and that you need to confirm it. did you confirm it? if not, check your spam folder
  11. Guest

    About Soccer Manager Elite

    A question. I apply to be a tester and i never receibe an e-mail, whats was wrong?
  12. So, this project is making progress... nice! ☺️ When will Taurion be likely to be released?
  13. Wallet paper collection from telegram, Rayn you may update high resolution pics
  14. Decentralised, autonomous, boundless. Taurion is an online gaming experience like nothing before it. Spread across factions and a massive alien landscape, gamers will have the opportunity to compete and harvest resources in a limitless environment entirely driven by the player. With roots in the pioneer Huntercoin experiment, Taurion is an evolutionary project that leverages the XAYA blockchain to create something truly unparalleled. Taurion is poised to act as a leader in ushering in the next era of online gaming. For the first time, users will experience an MMORPG experience that remains unburdened from the constraints inherent to its predecessors facilitated within traditional gaming environments. Read more on the XAYA blog here: https://medium.com/@XAYA/forging-a-decentralised-mmo-763fc4856eeb
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  16. wonder what a 2070 desktop version is probably 1080ti used would be best value?
  17. Algo: Neoscrypt-XAYA ccminer: https://github.com/xaya/ccminer/releases/tag/v0.1 n GPU result for mining XAYA: RTX 2070:1008 kH/s (Alienware Area-51M) RTX 2060: 950~ 1290kH/s by Sterphius x Refere link: https://forum.xaya.io/topic/531-mining-on-rtx-2060/ GTX 1080Ti: 1510 kH/s@85TDP + 150 core(MSI Gaming) GTX 1080:1050 kH/s @70TDP +150 core(Gigabyte) GTX 1070Ti: 1070 kH/s @85TDP + 150 core (MSI Titanium ) GTX 1063 550kH/S @65TDP Core +150 Mem -502 P106-100: 550~580kH/s @70TDP +150 core (Asus/Gigabyte/MSI) P104-100: 780 ~810kH/s @70TDP +150 core(Galaxy) Correct me if any mistake & welcom to input and join discussing:
  18. Hi! Recently I've asking several times in telegram group about RTX 2060 hashrate, but no one answers, so... I've bought it yesterday and made some tests. Palit GeForce RTX 2060 Gaming Pro [NE62060018J9-1062A] GPU-Z said that it have Micron memory, but nevermind because neoscrypt didn't depend on memory Started miner from: https://github.com/xaya/ccminer/releases/tag/v0.1. Hashrate was about 950 kh/s and I was upset, because videocard for 350$ gives double p106-100 hashrate BUT Please look closer to this .bat file: miner.exe -a neoscrypt-xaya -o stratum+tcp://eu.bsod.pw:2534 -u CcPsfZsg5taU7kBaqvWm3thN5SDAyaUfBp -p x -i 21 I've started to play with intensity and it gives me about 1170kh/s Adding +150 to core clock gives extra 100kh/s and 1260-1290kh/s total P.S. I want to test all RTX-series (2070-2080ti) and donates are welcome: CcPsfZsg5taU7kBaqvWm3thN5SDAyaUfBp 😃
  19. You can donate to update the richlist 😀 . Currently requires 1.2643 chi: http://xayadata.com/ I think that is the only thing you can spend chi on currently (until the next version of treatfighter is out at least).
  20. 8x Gigabyte P106@4.4M@75%TDP Those used card buy at very low price at $60 each.
  21. Most people here, I presume, also bought into the ICO for speculative purposes. So if you sell now you free up capital but you risk missing out on potential profits when prices rise and buying back in at a higher price (or lower). Make sure you understand what you're doing.
  22. Most exchanges have a minimum deposit though, not sure how much it is with Liquid/BitMesh. For testing purposes you can also send CHI from your vault wallet to game wallet. Use the dropdown menu on top to switch between these two wallets. Create a new address in game wallet and copy it. Go to your vault wallet afterwards and just do those steps I mentioned above.
  23. Thanks - let me try and figure it out as you say with a small test. You have to be pretty hardcore to want to play this SoccerManagerCrypto!! Just hope it's worth the wait!
  24. Afaik there is no tutorial available, but the process is pretty straighforward. If you want to send your CHI to an exchange like Liquid/BitMesh you need a CHI deposit address from them. In your (Electron) wallet go to the "send" tab and paste that address you got from the exchange into the "Pay to address" field. Double-check if the address correct and nothing got lost with copy&paste. In "Amount Value" just put the amount of CHI in you want to send. Afterwards just click "send". It might take some time, until the exchange will credit your deposit afterwards. You can check your transactions in the transaction tab in your wallet. If you are unsure, send a small amount to the exchange first and see if everything is fine.
  25. This will be a good opportunity for me to try and make a transaction with the CHI. If there are any links that could assist, I'd be grateful to be shown them. Many thanks!
  26. No, all good. You can do whatever you want with your CHI without sacrificing the bonus offer. If you participated in presales, you will also get your SME coins regardless of what you do with your CHI. They will get sent to the same address that your CHI were sent, so make sure, you still have access to that (presale) address.
  27. That's really kind - thanks for sharing this. Do you know if I convert CHI does that impact the bonus Legend which was the incentive for signing up early?
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