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  3. Date: 2019-06-26 Source: Mytoken Highlight: BTC hit $12000+
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  5. Hay alguna fecha pensada o cercana para que salga la beta? Si se puede contar algo Obvio! Gracias....
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  7. No, that's not possible, it's two different chains.
  8. can you send hunter coin to the same wallet as xava?
  9. DarkClaw

    Xaya faucet

    Perhaps theres already generic code somewhere like there was for the paper wallet...
  10. find a calculate mistake, hashrate for sha 256d is 4EH , so 1000TH reward should be 5.42 coin/days? 1EH=1000PH=1000TH
  11. tyKiwanuka

    Xaya faucet

    Not sure, if there is any plan for a faucet from the team, but I am giving away some test CHi in Discord to people who want to test the wallet and/or games. In general people can and could always ask for some CHI in Telegram, Forums, Discord etc. and then will get sent some CHI.
  12. DarkClaw

    Xaya faucet

    Are there any plans for a faucet so people can get a few chi to try out a game, etc?
  13. sorji

    Mining on RTX 2060

    Have u got 1660ti to test
  14. Watch XAYA tech lead Dr. Daniel Kraft explain Atomic Transactions and the benefits they bring to blockchain games. Direct link. #BlockchainGames #BlockchainGaming #VideoGames #Crypto #IndieGames
  15. My bad, I upgrad to new 0.16 fail to load, but come back to 0.13 is working, nice to see have some ppl still playing huntercoin
  16. Earlier
  17. Yes, these payments are the "fees" for creating characters in Taurion. Those fees go to the team, in order to fund further development - thus they are paid to the premine address (which is a secure, multisig shared address between us).
  18. hmm, I played it a time ago @sorji Oo which download did you use? I used this one
  19. excellent! btw,anyone try and play huntercoin? cos i'm fail to run the game。
  20. Your balance should show up at some point during the syncing process. It depends in what block your CHI transactions are. If they are in block 300,000 for example, you will see your balance when your wallet is synced up to block 300,000.
  21. Hi, I had the same issue and reinstalled and deleted chain. Should I be able to see my balance while its syncing? Showing as 0.
  22. The post was sponsored by publish0x and it´s now on the front page 😁
  23. Hey, I wrote an article about the xaya-network and the current games in development on publish0x.com. There you can get cryptos for reading an article. If you want to read it, here is the link 😉 https://www.publish0x.com/xaya-gamingnet/did-you-know-xaya-gaming Regards casp0or
  24. The Xaya group on telegram will be changed into as channel soon. The taurion group on telegram is really for when we start enticing people in with some giveways (not ones that will affect the game hardly). Discord and the forum will be the main places for discussion. There is also of course the Xaya XMPP chat that we may be using more soon...
  25. Can ask him if you can - or send me his contact details
  26. auction huose for selling candy and recipe, exchange for crystals to chi fixed price or exchange rate in game. and make the auction house or all the game with only chi coin or crystals but make it possible to exchange to CHi collection after missions (collact all) must be option and relly every action taking CHI FEE is this RELLY THIS HIGE 0.003 for almost every move i do what the F dont do it take fee from crystal convertion to chi and the other way + take fee for seling on auction house take fee for registering toturnument but not 0.003 its tuu mutch do it 0.00005 it will be ok so some 1 have ideas to make the game better?
  27. Would some devs like to do this?
  28. Ok, I see. You can do addcoin at https://helpdesk.freiexchange.com/ HUC was there yesterday at https://freiexchange.com/market/HUC/BTC. Seems to have disappeared, but you can chat to Fredrik Bodin on Telegram at FreiExchange. He is super friendly.
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