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  2. I'm still getting used to XAYA environment so i'm probably missing something, but I can't understand what... Is it possibile to track more than a game on a xayad node? I added a game on the node with the RPC xaya-cli trackedgames add mygame Done that, ZMQ notifications like game-block-attack json mygame started flowing down correctly. I could also see moves after xaya-cli -rpcuser=user -rpcpassword=password -regtest name_update "p/cymon" '{"g":{"mygame":{"m":"moving"}}}' Problem is, if I add a second game xaya-cli tracked games add secondgame And try a move xaya-cli -rpcuser=user -rpcpassword=password -regtest name_update "p/cymon" '{"g":{"secondgame":{"m":"movemove"}}}' I see the move still on a game-block-attack json mygame notification. I thought that the only needed configuration for a correct notification flow was turning up the tracking on the node and match the gameID in the g JSON node... I'm working just in regtest for now, is it possible that the test environment is not able to manage more games? Thanks for the support!
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  4. You need to have real money, with which you buy Bitcoin first. Those Bitcoins you exchange for CHI at a cryptocurrency exchange afterwards. That is all, because afaik the shares for clubs are paid/traded with CHI. If not, you would have to exchange your CHI for Soccer Manager Coins inside the game.
  5. Smut

    Question about the game

    Traded against? Sorry I don't get it, If I am sitting here on my laptop and want to control a club in this game what do I have to do to get sm coins, Christian?
  6. Yes, they delisted all low volume coins.
  7. As with Bitcoin and most other blockchains, miners can freely choose what to include and not to include in their blocks. So in theory, someone could send transactions without any CHI attached and get the mined, e.g. by paying the miners out-of-band (maybe with BTC or fiat), or by including some game-coin transaction to them instead of CHI. But I think there are strong reasons why that is not going to happen any time soon (nor will it happen with Ethereum): A game would need to be really popular for that to happen, because the miners themselves need to run the GSP for it and also be interested enough in it to actually accept payment in the game coin directly. While not impossible, that's certainly extra effort for them (much more than simply running Xaya Core on their system). Paying in game coins is likely a lot less efficient than paying transaction fees in CHI, since the latter is "better integrated" with the core blockchain and transaction structure. So accepting fees in game coins will likely increase transaction size and thus reduce the number of fee-paying transactions that miners could get into their block. Not just miners matter, but also relaying nodes. So unless either a large fraction of the network runs a modified client that accepts game coins for fees or users submit their transactions directly to miners, transactions won't even make it to miners if they do not pay CHI. For the first case, we would again need a hugely popular game as well as most people messing around with their Xaya Core installation, which seems even more unlikely than a miner doing it. For the second case, people also would need to spend a non-trivial amount of effort to figure out who the miners are that accept their game coins and how to submit moves to them directly. Even if some miners accept fees in game coins and you would eventually get your move confirmed, most likely it will take longer than if you paid CHI (unless 100% of miners accept the game coin, which seems impossible in practice). So you are at a disadvantage. With all those disadvantages, I simply do not see why people and miners would bother. If they have / earn game coins and want to cover fees with them, they can instead just sell them for CHI anyway and then use CHI. All those technical aspects aside, it seems that your main concern here is about the potential for CHI to increase in value due to demand. To be honest, I think that for that topic, usage of game coins for transaction fees is a very theoretical thought for now. 99.999% of CHI demand and potential price increase is likely just speculation - and if games are doing well, then that is a good first step independently of how those games actually use CHI.
  8. It appears bitmesh has delisted CHI?
  9. you use a cryptocurrency called soccer manager coins, this cryptocurrency can be traded against Chi, Chi can be traded against Bitcoin and Bitcoin can be traded against REAL MONEY.. so in the end, you need real money for this game- most players are shareholders for a club or agents for the soccer players... there are only 640 soccermanagers in the whole game- 1 for every team... but thousands of players will be shareholders of the club's or player's shares... and as I see, the price for buying CHI coins is still very cheap- so you can buy them cheap now or expensive later when everyone wants to get coins for the game (but this is just my opinion)...
  10. Guest

    Question about the game

    I didn't understand the economy in the game Do you use real money to run a team or to buy players or what Please, more clarity
  11. ok, that sounds good- so you will always need Chi to pay transaction fees... with Ethereum, there is the problem that the miners of an ethereum-based token can also be paid in the token that runs on the Eth blockchain (with new protocols different from erc20) and not in Eth as this happens with Erc20 coins... so there will be less need for Eth then- could the same problem arise with chi? That a new game comes with a new coin where you have a different protocol that uses this coin to pay the miners instead of Chi? Or does the Xaya- blockchain prevent this?
  12. I've never used Docker myself before, but that sounds like a useful feature!
  13. I think this question mixes up a couple of things. First, for this question, it does not matter whether games run in game channels or not. Second, you always need CHI in order to pay transaction fees, register accounts and do other things on the core blockchain. The actual use of currency in a game is a bit more nuanced. The main thing to keep in mind here is that the Xaya model does not allow game logic to affect the movement of CHI (the reason being that this in turn allows vastly better scalability to complex games than e.g. Ethereum). This means that games can very well use CHI in the sense that they react to voluntary movement of CHI; an example is Treatfighter, where you can by crystals for CHI - but in principle the whole game would work without crystals at all, and with payments being done directly in CHI. Where this does not work is things like betting on the outcome of a game or for instance SME, because there the result of some game computation may require that e.g. the loser sends some money to the winner, or the club pays for player wages; and this has to be done even if the user does not explicitly sign a transaction moving CHI. In that cases, you need to use an in-game currency instead. An exchange could certainly list an in-game currency (e.g. SME coins) directly if they wish, but you will still always need CHI to pay for the core blockchain features (e.g. tx fees). Also, it will be possible to trade game assets in a trustless and decentralised way against CHI, so that there will be a natural tendency to have CHI as "base currency" for all game-asset markets on Xaya.
  14. I've heard that in games that run in game channels, you will need an own cryptocurrency (the specific game currency) to buy things in this gameand you can change virtual items into that specific game currency, this is SME Coins for soccer manager e. g.. You would not be able to program games for which you use CHI directly (this should be the case for games that run in game channels) (Can there be games that run outside of a channel that use CHI directly as currency?) . Of course, you need CHI to buy the specific game currency... now my questions: will it be possible for a crypto exchange to adopt the specific game currency, (such as SME coins), so that you don't need CHI anymore in these games? Or can this be prevented somehow? (this would be bad for the price of CHI because if it's not vital for gameplay, there will be less demand)... And which other use cases for CHI will exist in the future?
  15. Hi, i'm pretty new to Xaya developement but to help myself with it I decided to setup a little docker with all the needed features. Here you can find the dockerfile and the few scripts I used in it: https://github.com/cym0n/xaya The docker will give you a xaya-core installation and all the needed libraries to compile your games using C++. Most of the work is just copy&paste from tutorials but if you find looking through compilation scripts annoying it could be of some help Once started, the ubuntu has also a xayad daemon running (regtest environment, but easily configurable). I'm sharing this to be of some help, but also for your feedback, the project is still ongoing
  16. Hi, This is gambling, on your cryptocurrency being worth anything in the future, being successful in the game without ever knowing you will have full control of your club? Is the same match engine as the multi player game being used? It seems that you are going to ask us to invest a lot of money on a game that you have a poor record of running, you made improvements a few years ago to the multi player game that far from improved the game and have ignored it since, there are still bugs from your improvements that are constantly ignored when reported. Your customer relations in the game is disgustingly poor, you llow banned players to open up new accounts and carry on as before and soccerwiki is dreadful. It looks like those that spend the most money will buy up the best players and give no one else a chance, yet because you won't tell us the costs involved, there is no way of knowing if you will win back enough to make a profit. Thanks, paul.
  17. The initial version will be for desktop only. But we are definitely thinking about Android support, and already have most bits and pieces ready to support mobile gameplay as well - it just needs to be put together and polished. So Android / mobile support will definitely come at a not-so-distant time in the future as well.
  18. I am seriously worried that android might be excluded ?
  19. Earlier
  20. TAURION TREASURE HUNT COMPETITION $10,000 IN PRIZES AND REWARDS This is your chance to take home some of the $10,000 in prizes and rewards we're giving away in the Taurion Treasure Hunt competition. Navigate around Taurion and prospect to find prizes. GOLD PRIZE × 5 → $1,000 IN BTC OR ETH SILVER PRIZE × 50 → $20 IN ETH + 1% SHARES IN RANDOM SECOND DIVISION TEAM IN SOCCER MANAGER ELITE* BRONZE PRIZE × 2,000 → 1 SMALL STANDARD VEHICLE (GIVES YOU A HEAD START IN THE FULL GAME – ONE UP FROM THE START VEHICLE) Get a FREE game account and starter vehicle on the rules and information page here: https://taurion.io/competition-signup/ FOR AFFILIATES & REFERRERS Also, for affiliates, we'll pay you for every winner that you refer! 5 X GOLD PRIZES: PAYS YOU $100 FOR EACH WINNER YOU REFER 50 X SILVER PRIZES: PAYS YOU $20 FOR EACH WINNER YOU REFER 2000 X BRONZE PRIZES: PAYS YOU $1 FOR EACH WINNER YOU REFER Visit the referrals rules page here: https://taurion.io/referrals-for-comp/
  21. Watch Andrew demonstrate real-time gameplay 100% decentralised and running on the blockchain using Game Channels technology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-qB5uMALJc A Xayaships game download will be made available shortly, so keep your eyes on the prize and be one of the first to experience the power of Game Channels.
  22. Watch the Taurion video trailer to find out about the Taurion universe and how it all began! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlLDIHWFSuo
  23. Topic update: GTX 980: 668 kH/s@85TDP + 155 core(Founder Edition)
  24. Finally i put all the rigs in my mining room with very good air/temperature condition。next step will get some rtx20xx.. but will put it in midterm invest。
  25. Case: the new version of the problem is that the account does not recognize the same wallet account case. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-1UJfosITb0vffMfZBEWFoiat-BJWrLB Case a 【 a purse: account (bbc), account (BBC) login will identify for the BBC. The BBC.] error Scenario b [wallet purse 2: account (Abc), three (abc), wallet from Abc identifies two login for Abc." Error has been solved, because the installed UnrealEngine4.22, normal after unloading. 《Situation : login account(Acoloss), the following error window will appear. The original master account name: acolossTest account name: Acoloss》 Error has been solved, because the installed UnrealEngine4.22, normal after unloading. Note: because I don't have a second language, so are using Google translation, to facilitate understanding, please test by yourself.
  26. That is the problem? Be a fixed horizontal scroll? Or increase the option to click on the name.
  27. I think that's the expected behaviour, i.e. horizontal scrolling for long names.
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