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  2. There has been a hardfork and you need to upgrade to 1.4.1: https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/releases You will get prompted to pre-download the blockchain, where you can choose YES, if you like. It saves a lot of time with syncing. In case you didn't know, this forum is retired and the main communication platform is Discord now. Feel free to join: https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  3. Block Progression: 281884/440000 It is not moving from that. I can log in but it says unlocked until (2 minutes later) Can anyone help?
  4. No other game I know mixes elements of RTS game with a MMO setting. Well maybe Savage XR but it's not really a MMO afaik. The game has started its Closed Beta phase and about ~500 players are playing the game. There were many improvements made like scrapping the passive training system and replacing it with a item-based progression. Performances also improved, so it's possible to get large-scale PvP battles with less lag. Gruesome mechanics are still part of the game : grave digging, decapathons, necromancy, etc. If someone wants to try the game, they can register an account on the official website and play for free.
  5. There never was a Chimaera forum for all I know. If you have an Electron password, you must have downloaded the wallet at least once and encrypted it. Please consider coming to Discord for further help, this forum is not actively supported no more: https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  6. hi i had an old account on chimaera forum i have the ip address and emails for validating. when i signed up to this forum now it didnt let me use the same user name and password. is there a way to recover my old account. Also i have an electron wallet password but i didnt download the wallet i think it was online based please help.
  7. ah ok, but it was not connecting with the blockchain... after 2 hours I shut it down. (4 times the time syncing the chain) Thanks for the discord link.
  8. In your first screenshot it looked already fine when it said "rescanning" and this can indeed take some time^^ This forum is not active anymore, if you want, you can join the Discord: https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  9. Update few hours later... Repeated the proces till wallet sync: After that deleted the chain in settings: Resumed process in the video and rebooted PC before wallet. Now the wallet is connecting, being recognized, unlocked and resyncing. Hope this helps if somebody experiences the same. Greetz John
  10. Hello, My PC crashed so I'm trying to restore my vault and game wallet on a different PC according to the steps above. After replacing and renaming the wallet files (1.4.1. synced wallet) I'm getting the following messages after restarting the wallet: "chat stderr" and sometimes flashed trying to connect to port. This is running for about 1 hour now. (Already the 2nd time I repeated the whole process after deleting the wallet + app data) Is this normal it takes such a long time? Or is something else going wrong? Thanks, gr John
  11. Thank you very much, I did what you told me and it works fine, thank you very much
  12. Download the latest wallet version (1.4.1) here: https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/releases While installing you will get prompted to pre-download the chain, click YES. Thats all basically and your wallet should work again. Please consider joining Discord for any further questions: https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  13. Hello friends, I have read the comments, I have version 1.1.0 I think it was one of the first ... I wanted to enter recently and it does not synchronize, I have looked for my private keys and I cannot find them, I only have my CHI address and with a balance, I have Tried to make the backup from Xaya's application and it tells me allowed denied, I remember that I entered and there is my balance, I ask. What can I do to update the version WITHOUT LOSING my account that I have registered in the application, if I install the new version I lose my CHI? .... Thanks
  14. Please come to Discord and provide some screenshots if possible: https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  15. the wallet is not syncing. how can I restore my 100 coins from the wallet
  16. Seems like I am too late for this bounty. Hope my branch of sgminer still helps. It's an optimized sgminer for mining Xaya on AMD GPU. It's about 35% faster than nsgminer. RX 580 at 650khs, Vega 56 at 1360khs. Check: https://github.com/fancyIX/sgminer-phi2-branch/releases/tag/0.7.2-1 Usage: -k neoscrypt-xaya -o stratum+tcp://eu.bsod.pw:2534 -u YOUR_WALLET -p x -s 1 -w 256 -I 17 Note: this is not a malware...
  17. Game development is complex and involves a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills. Here you will get some of the best Godot engine game books for learning about game development and how to build cross-platform 2D and 3D games with Godot. I know there are many varieties of Godot engine game Books available in the market for one to learn about game development for both beginners and advanced learners. But the most popular one or the one that has the largest number of users in my country is Godot Engine Game Development Projects for beginners and advanced learners by a noted Chris Bradfield. We all believe it is the widest used textbook in the world for this purpose.
  18. Most likely your wallet wasn't fully synced before you made the transaction. Just let the wallet until it's fully synced, your tx should get confirmed then sooner or later as well. For more and faster support, you can join the Xaya Discord: https://discord.gg/TkETBA7
  19. I have Sent 2000 CHI tokens to Liquid Exchange 0n 14th Sept 2020 with successful transaction TXID: ccc11628d022c5d75da3cd60f3cff5fa7c548f73dcf1070871abf00857aa34fa but the other end did not receive it ( More than 3 days). Wallet has deducted 2000 but the CONFIRMATION is shown 0 ( Not Successful?) Please advice. Thanks
  20. Do I want/need segwit version of wallet
  21. Guest

    About Soccer Manager Elite

    anonjon feedback on payment Thank you for your feedback reguarding my previous concern with the payment system. What you are saying makes sense. you can use visa and make a payment to convert to SME. To answer your question about were my concern occured it was on the new format Discord which i am a member. My membership name on Discord is Harris. Again thank you for you helpful input. ill look forward to investing in the game around xmas time but this is yet confirmed
  22. Guest

    About Soccer Manager Elite

    you'll be able to pay in whatever you want when the full game launches -- with visa if you want. You cant pay with anything atm so not sure how you know or who you are
  23. Guest

    About Soccer Manager Elite

    I wanted to own a small club as major share holder to a football club in 4th division. But you cannot pay cash and transfer it to SME. Currently you must have a bit coin and an Xaya Wallet this coin is transfered to Chi. Then Chi is transfered to SME. For god sake simplify it. Xaya your smarter than this designing one of the worlds best games but you cant arrange a cash entrance to convert to SME work on that first.
  24. Yes, just wait, it can take a bit
  25. vasiaqwe123

    Wallet issue

    How to fix this? Do I need to just wait?
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